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What's The Difference?

Although the concepts of Web3, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain share some common ground, it’s important to recognize distinct differentiators among them that can greatly aid your job search. Each term denotes a specific tier within the decentralized evolution:


Signifies a decentralized internet that represents the upcoming surge of innovation on the World Wide Web, driven by the capabilities of blockchain technology. This stands as the most advanced tier among the three concepts, signifying a shift from conventional Web2 business models and methodologies towards the utilization of blockchains and cryptocurrencies to fuel groundbreaking advancements.


Refers to digital currency wherein transactions are validated and recorded on a blockchain. The inception of Bitcoin in 2009 marked the debut of cryptocurrency, followed by the emergence of others like Ethereum and XRP. While Cryptocurrency played a pivotal role in the initial adoption of Blockchain technology, it is just one of the numerous applications enabled by Blockchain.


The most specific among these three concepts, is a decentralized ledger designed for recording transactions. Bitcoin also served as the proof of concept for blockchain, demonstrating how to establish a decentralized system capable of reaching a consensus on a single, accurate historical record.

What It Means

When embarking on your job search, understanding the distinctions between Web3, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain proves beneficial.

Positions in the Blockchain sector tend to be more technically oriented, encompassing tasks involving smart contracts and decentralized networks. Cryptocurrency roles, on the other hand, span a wider array of responsibilities compared to Blockchain positions.

Generally, Cryptocurrency companies share hiring requirements with software-powered enterprises, except for the specialization of Blockchain developers. Web3 job opportunities also encompass a diverse set of roles, incorporating an additional layer as Web3 encapsulates the broader movement, whereas Cryptocurrency represents a subset within it.

Latest Jobs

Software engineer

A well-known Japanese company offering crypto asset exchange and new services. This group has a challenging mission “to contribute to the growth of the system by pursuing the safety and availability of hot wallets and crypto asset nodes and providing stable deposits and withdrawals.

Operations Manager

Your next company is one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency/blockchain/web3 organizations. They are recruiting an experienced Operations Manager to lead their localization and rollout efforts in Japan. The Operations Manager will be responsible for ensuring the products and services are tailored to meet the needs of the Japanese market/regulation and will work closely with the COO to ensure the successful execution of the localization strategy.



今回の募集では、2030、2040年に向けて更に増加予定の外国人労働者がより働きやすく、 より暮らしやすくなるプラットフォームサービスの立ち上げに0から携わっていただきます。

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