Sakurako Maruyama


After graduating from Hoshi University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences in 2012, she worked as an MR at Shionogi for 7 years, covering about 130 facilities including general practitioners and small and medium-sized hospitals. Her customer-first attitude always kept him in the top ranks.

After that, she joined Allergan Japan as Product Development Manager, where she was in charge of about 15 hospitals, mainly cosmetic surgeons. In addition to sales, she was also in charge of marketing and new business.

In July 2020, she joined TM Agency as a headhunter, focusing on consulting, business development, and back office. Her position is manager. She is also a certified dispatch manager.

Contact Details


Why I became a recruiter

During my 8 years and 3 months of experience in sales at two pharmaceutical companies, I acquired the ability to understand the needs of others, the ability to provide concise and easy-to-understand explanations, the precision and speed of responses, and communication skills. Through my own job search experience, I decided to become a recruiter in order to provide more personalized proposals.

Why I joined TM Agency

The president is one of the most famous headhunters in Japan in various fields, and I wanted to acquire skills under him. I also wanted to work for a company that is not vertically segmented, but rather one that is more closely aligned with each candidate and client.

Areas Of Specialization


Business/Management, Human Resources, and Marketing

Financial Services

Accounting, Secretary, General Affairs, And Internal Audit

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