Ryota Oda


After graduating from college, I worked in pharmaceutical sales. After that, I started my own business and opened a sports school. 2020 I started working in IT Recruitment.

I am covering multiple companies, both foreign and domestic, primarily within the IT and consulting industries. I have had much success in recruiting web developers (front, back, fullstack), infra engineers (cloud), as well as consultants (associate to director level) at consulting firms. I like to learn about you and your aspirations, then propose options that best fit your goals.

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Why I became a recruiter

I was drawn to the opportunity of being directly involved in significant turning points that impact people's lives. While each individual has unique intentions and reasons for changing jobs, I believe it is crucial to offer recommendations that align better with the candidate's wishes and expectations, thereby bringing them closer to the optimal outcome, which is extremely rewarding.

At TM Agency, we provide support to both candidates and clients, allowing us to share in each other's joy. This aspect of the job is another compelling attraction.

Why I joined TM Agency

I had been friends with Alex in the business world for some time, and he approached me directly. From the outset, I had the opportunity to closely observe Alex's impressive business awareness, his keen sense of observation, and his bold and assertive approach to tackling situations.

As a result I decided to join the company as I wanted to learn from him. Thanks to the way he mentored me in his recruiting work style right from the start, I quickly got up to speed and was honored with the "Rookie of the Year 2021" award in my first year.

Areas Of Specialization


IT, DX, and Strategy


Infrastructure, Software, Project Manager, Scrum Master/Agile Coach, Data and AI

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