Minori Yata


After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University, I joined a major real estate company as a saleswomen.

Afterward, I joined a famous Japanese advertising company, where I specialized in digital marketing for foreign IT, automobile makers etc. 

Now I am working with TM Agency, where the IT and consulting industries are my speciality, and my goal is to help job seekers find their perfect company.

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Why I became a recruiter

Since I graduated from university, I have consistently chosen roles in businesses that involve mediation, from real estate to advertising.

Of course, I've also admired manufacturers and IT companies that have their own products. However, I am passionate about delivering tailor-made solutions that align with the needs of the other party.

I believe recruitment fits my passion, because it is fair and equal, where you respect the other party’s intentions. (It is challenging yet fulfilling work.)

Recruitment is a great business model, where the companies, candidates and agents work hand in hand together toward prosperity.

Why I joined TM Agency

When I used TM Agency as a candidate, I was deeply impressed by the strength of the relationship with companies, the speed of response, and the comprehensive support.

I experienced a change in my perception of what an agent could be. I had used multiple agents in the past, ranging from major companies to ventures, but I had never had an experience as moving as with TM Agency during my job search.

I was excited about new discoveries through TM Agency that I couldn't have made on my own, and at the same time, I realized the true value of agents! It was a moment where I felt a sense of rivalry (with respect) as a business professional.

Honestly, due to past experiences, I didn't have a good impression of job placement agents, but here, I am confident that I can become a true professional, and that's why I decided to join. And now, I can proudly say that this is the most enjoyable time of my career.

Areas Of Specialization


UX Consultant, UX Designer, UI Designer, Service Designer


Strategy, DX, IT, and Marketing


Product Manager, Product Designer, Frontend Developer, Application Architect

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