Kazuki Ozawa


After working in customer service at a foreign hotel until the age of 24, he joined a foreign financial company as a sales representative.

In his second year, he was ranked No. 1 in sales in Japan, and in his third year, he was ranked No. 3 in sales in Japan.

At the age of 30, he decided to change jobs, and after 2 years of as a new business start-up manager in the medical industry, he joined TM Agency.

Specializing in the IT/FinTech/Automotive/Manufacturing fields, my mission is to connect companies and job seekers.

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Why I became a recruiter

Before joining TM Agency, I worked as a recruiter once. At that time, the reason was simply "the salary is high".

In my second month, I met with one job seeker. He was struggling with the gap between his current job salary and his job responsibilities." I wanted to help him, so I connected him with the right company. I still vividly remember the joy we shared from the bottom of my heart when he got the new job.

I decided to leave the company due to the COVID epidemic and disagreements with the thinking of the recruiting company at the time.

However, I decided to join TM Agency because I wanted the job of a recruiter, which gives people the opportunity to "change jobs" that affect their lives, a challenge I wanted to try again.

Why I joined TM Agency

I met our company's representative about five years ago when I was working for a finance company.

I admired him the moment we first met. I was fascinated by his personality, professional attitude, and way of thinking and decided I wanted to join TM Agency.

Areas Of Specialization


Data and AI, Infrastructure, and Software


Strategy, Business/Management, Data and AI

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