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Published:   2023/04/17


1 year contract (Contract renewal: Contract renewal depends on the ability of the employee.) Permament employee will be cosidered depending on the experience and skills

Required language

English: Native


Tokyo (Within 23 wards)


Visa Required


<About the Company>

An IT consulting service provider that develops government, risk, compliance, and security software. The company provides solutions to visualize all business risks, optimize company rules, align with compliance requirements, and help management regarding security governance.

<Corporate Philosophy: Mission and Vision>

The company believes that in the current environment where companies are increasingly facing unforeseen risks due to rapid changes in social conditions and the environment, a focus on governance, risk, compliance, and security has become essential for corporate sustainability. The company's mission is to continuously evolve its solutions and services to become a key factor in helping more companies and society prepare for any kind of risk. Through further evolution, they aim to solve the challenges in the complex governance, risk, compliance, and security areas by utilizing technology to make them simpler, and to provide a strong foundation for our customers' "defense" to encourage proactive "offense" in their businesses.

  • Mission: Accelerate evolution.

Continuing to challenge ourselves and evolving is no longer an option, but a necessity. GRCS's mission is to accelerate evolution and drive the future.

  • Vision: Simplifying the world with technology.

By combining ideas, technology, and diverse people, we aim to make the increasingly complex society more understandable and approachable. Our goal is to make a borderless and seamless world a reality.

<The Team & the Role>

You will be assigned to work on a small team depending on product/project and working closely with each team member and team lead.

You will be doing core development of high-performance and robust financial applications including trading market data feed handler, smart order router, trading gateways and algo in Java, as well as participate in design and architect the features and functionalities.

For senior developer, who has good understanding in software design and enthusiasm on software technologies and ultra-low latency architecture.

For junior developer, who has a good attitude, discipline and accountability, as well as passion for learning new technologies.


  • Opportunity to work with global financial institutes in the region, particularly Japan, Hong Kong and China.
  • Work on cutting edge technologies and architecture.
  • Work in start-up culture with an ambitious plan for growth. Unpolitical, flat structure, opportunity to travel between HK and Japan.


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, or equivalent experience
  • 5+ years for senior developer or 2+ years for junior developer of hands-on development experience on high-performance enterprise system, experience in real-time systems or banking & financial system will be an advantage
  • Deep and broad knowledge on Java programming language and ecosystem, including Java 8/11/17+, garbage collectors, GC-free techniques, concurrency, dependency injection, and unit test suites. (candidates with standalone J2EE, Java web application, or Spring-only experience may not be considered).  
  • Candidates with a good understanding of modern C++ concepts like C++ 11/14/17, STL, boost, atomic, lock-free techniques, lambda and template metaprogramming, may also be considered.
  • Experience on distributed systems working with message bus or micro-service architecture, network programming with exposure to unicast and multicast communication.
  • Experience of using design patterns and principles for building robust, resilient, highly scalable and ultra-low latency applications.
  • Experience of using agile and iterative development principles and methodologies.
  • Experience of using commands and tools in Linux/Unix environment for scripting and troubleshooting (shell script, awk, sed, python, etc.).
  • Good knowledge of data-structures and algorithms.
  • Detail-oriented, demonstrated the ability to analyse and elaborate on requirements, and align with the perspective of both business and product sustainability.
  • English- native level, Speaking and writing in Japanese will be an advantage.
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